Bulk Pork

*Note: All of these calculations are approximate as each animal has a different weight.*

Order   Hanging    Take Home   Total $  Final $
               Weight       Weight                         per lb
Whole   180 lbs      126 lbs        $1322.  $10.49/lb
Side        90 lbs         63 lbs         $681.    $10.80/lb


Final Cost Includes:

*Vale Farms Fee of: $5.63/lb for a whole; $5.85/lb for a side.
(Vale Farms fee is based on hanging weight.)
*$76/animal for slaughter fee and hog tax
*$1.15 per lb hanging weight for cutting, wrapping, freezing, waste disposal, and labeling.
*$26/animal for trucking and storage

Prices subject to change without notice.

Final Cost Does Not Include:
*Smoking/curing. Which is $1.50/lb
*Sausages – not smoked. Which is $3.40/lb
*Bacon  -  Which is $3.25/lb

Half or Whole Pork Orders: For availability, please check the order page. (Click the tractor below.)

Note: $100 downpayment (non-refundable) required upon ordering.

Lorna and Chris raise pigs at Grassy Gnome Acres.

The pigs are fed certified organic feed and spend their whole lives outdoors.

Being the rather fair-weather creatures that they are, they prefer to lounge in their shelter during the heat of the summer or on rainy days, but eventually, their curiosity gets the better of them and they go out to root and graze.

Variety Packs: $11.25 per pound.
Available in approximately 23 to 35lb packs from Vale Farms.

The variety packs vary, but here is an example of what they contain:
x 5 Pork Chops (2/pkg)
x 1 Ham OR Leg Rst
x 1 Butt Rst or Picnic Rst or Leg Rst
x 1 Ground Pork
x 3 Bacon (1 lb pkg)
x 1 Pork Hock
x 1 Pork Ribs
A variety of Pork Sausages made by authentic Italian sausage maker - Italian Meat Master

Pork Variety Pack (without the Sausages or smoked cuts) $10.60/lb

Or email valefarms@telus.net or call Toll Free 1-866-567-2300 or locally at 250-547-2382.


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