Bulk Lamb

*Note: All of these calculations are approximate as each animal has a different weight.*

Order   *$ per lb  *Final $  *Hanging Wt  *Take Home 
Whole  $14.86      $535.         52 lbs               36 lbs
Side     $15.33       $276.         26 lbs               18 lbs

Final Cost Includes:

*Vale Farms Fee of: $7.75/lb for a whole; $8.10/lb for a side.
(Vale Farms fee is based on hanging weight.)
*$132/animal for shipping, butcher fee, cutting, wrapping, and freezing.

Bulk orders (wholes and ½ lamb) require a non-refundable deposit of $100, and you can choose from a standard cutting (our recommendation to optimize your yield and value) or custom cutting.

Custom cutting is an additional $5. Your phone number is given to our butcher and he will call for your instructions.

The take-home weight is approximately 70% of the hanging weight.

Prices subject to change without notice.



Whole Lamb:  What do I get in a whole lamb?

Half Lamb: What do I get in a half lamb?


Bulk lamb is available in September and October. Standard cutting option is available until we sell out!

After your order is cut, wrapped and frozen, it will return to Vale Farms. You receive your meat according to the option you chose on the order form.

Options Are:

  • Pick up at farm at a prearranged time
  • Pick-up at the Farmers Market of your choice
  • Have it sent by delivery truck to a depot, your business address, or home (home shipping is an additional $35 on top of shipping cost)

To order individual cuts – go to the order page.


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