Chicken & Turkey

Lorna and Chris also pasture raise certified organic chickens and turkey that we offer here.

Chickens are brooded in the barn for 3 weeks, at which point they are hardy enough to move outdoors. Turkeys are brooded in the barn for about 5 weeks. Both are then kept in movable huts and let out on pasture every day. The huts are moved every day to fresh ground.


Both chickens and turkeys are fed certified organic feed and do not receive any medications or antibiotics. Since mobile slaughter is no longer available to us, we are taking our birds to Kelowna for slaughter, by the same processor as before (just stationary now, not mobile).


 Turkeys available as whole ($5.25/lb) or in parts.

See “place order” page for availability of cuts or call us toll-free at 1-866-567-2300 or locally at 250-547-2382.



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