Bone Broth


Our broth chef uses “state of the art” equipment!

These nourishing, healing broths have been used in traditional diets and are now making their way back into our modern diets as “medicine”.

People who experience a serious breakdown in their intestinal functions are finding these broths very healing. They are safe and beneficial even for small children.


Making broth is theoretically not difficult, but we are finding, that people are not able to source out the right bones or don’t have the time to boil them long enough.

We have been following the recommendations from the book “Nourishing Broth” by Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel.

Vale Farms Beef Broth is made using a variety of bone material from organic, 100% grass-fed beef, including marrow bones, meaty bones, shoulder bones and shanks and we are ensuring that every package contains some healthy fat.

Vale Farms Seasoned Turkey Broth is made from organic, pasture raised turkey carcasses.

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Here is a list of available broths:

Price per 250 ml package

$5.50……….Beef Broth
Made with 100% grass fed, organic beef bones (marrow, meaty, shoulder and shank bones) and water

$5.75……….Seasoned Beef Broth
Made with 100% grass fed, organic beef bones (marrow, meaty, shoulder and shank bones) and water.  Seasoned with the organic vegetables carrots and celery root
and the spices bay leaf and peppercorn.

$4.00……….Seasoned Turkey Broth
Pasture-raised organic turkey bones, water, and chicken feet.  Seasoned with the organic vegetables carrots and celery root and the spices bay leaf and peppercorn.



All of our broths are cooked and packaged in a licensed kitchen and then frozen for freshness.  Each package can be diluted with water to taste (beef can be diluted to make a litre, poultry makes about ½ litre) and used in cooking or to drink on its own.

Proceeds from the sale of our broth goes to Okanagan Waldorf School
(previously – Cedar Bridge School)


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