Vale Farms

Vale Farms is located in the Okanagan Valley near Lumby, BC. The 1100 acres are a diverse mix of bottom land, suitable for crops and hay, meadows, hillsides and wooded areas, providing ideal pastures for cattle and sheep. Our 2 creeks, Duteau Creek and Jones Creek, and their riparian areas provide a diverse aquatic and wildlife habitat. About 400 acres of crop land produce hay for our animals, rotated with grains for human consumption (spelt and oats). In addition to the livestock and crop production, Vale Farms also has a 2.5 acre Sea Buckthorn orchard.

Protecting the natural, abundant diversity of our farm land is very important to us. Various areas for wildlife habitat are being preserved; the Riparian areas bordering the creeks are protected from grazing.

The absence of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizer together with responsible grazing techniques, use of manure and compost promote the diversity of soil microorganisms and overall soil health. Grasslands need to be created and preserved. They serve as a carbon sink, improve air quality and add to the beauty of an area.

We are always looking to find the holistic balance between land, animals and people.


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