The animals

Our cows and sheep are rotated throughout our very diverse grass lands, brush, forests and meadows and in the winter months are fed only grass products like hay and haylage.

  • They are 100% grass-fed
  • Free of added hormones
  • Free or antibiotics
  • No synthetic fertilizer used on the land
  • No animal by-products fed
  • Cattle and sheep are organic, certified by PACS

Our Cows

Our cows and young calves go up on range in the summer months and graze on the delicious mix of alpine grasses, while the yearlings stay on the farm, grazing our diverse pasture land. In the fall when the snow starts creeping down the mountains, the cows return home to the farm, where they spend the winter.

The calves are born in February. Straw beds keep the calves dry and  allow us to collect compost for our fields. When spring arrives, the calves have grown enough to keep up with their mothers on range. The cattle are a mix of breeds, predominantly Angus, mixed with some Hereford or Jersey.  In 2014 we added a small herd of Speckle Park cows.  They are know to be the “grazing champions”.  See more information about them on our News page.

Our Sheep

Our ewes were originally just Dorper and Katahdin, both hair sheep breeds.  In 2013 we added a herd of North Country Cheviots, a hearty and slightly larger wool breed.   The sheep flock is rotated through our pastures on the farm. The lambs are born in April/May into the warm spring sunshine, and finished for slaughter by the fall.  3 large guardian dogs and two Llamas protect the sheep at all times, keeping the predators at a distance.


We use low stress livestock handling techniques for all of our animals.

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