Exciting Addition to Vale Farms’ Beef Herd

Read about our new beef cows called “Speckle Park”
Speckled Park Herd
       The new herd enjoying grass in November
Vale Farms has just purchased a new small herd of beef cows called “Speckle Park”.  This is a Canadian Beef Breed (established only in 1995) developed out of British Shorthorn, British White and Aberdeen Angus. They are known for their quiet disposition, their good marbling,  size consistency and for their excellent feed efficiency, especially as a grazer (grass-eater).
In order to efficiently pull the nutrients out of grass, a cow needs a very efficient rumen, hosting a combination of specific healthy gut bacteria.
As soon as grains are fed, this community of rumen bacteria changes. As a result we lower Omega 3,CLA,  Vitamins, Beta- Carotine etc. and loose some of the healthy essential fatty acids in the fat.
For maximum health benefits, the beef animal should eat grass and grass products all of it’s life and goes to slaughter only at a time,  when it is still grazing growing grass.  That is the “kicker”!!!

We felt very lucky, when the opportunity presented itself to obtain this little herd of grazing experts. We are anticipating that they will provide us with some very tasty meals.

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