Make the most from your roast!

Left over roast beef used to be one of those things I dreaded. I was never great at cooking roasts in the first place, so dry (overcooked), sliced roast beef sandwiches were not something I looked forward to. So first I improved my cooking techniques. Then, I realized that the left over roast had more uses than just sliced roast beef!

Here’s how I squeeze 5 meals for a family of 3 out of one roast:

  • Day 1 Supper: Oven roasted beef, lamb, pork, or what ever meat you have.
  • Day 2 Lunch: Quesadillas, with cheese, diced roast meat, and any veggies you like.
  • Day 2 Supper: Grind up some meat in your food processor with taco spices, and you have delicious taco meat. Roll up in a wrap with some fresh veggies, cheese, sour cream and salsa.
  • Day 3 Lunch: Quesadillas, again. (Okay, a little repetition here, but my son will eat anything in a quesadilla, so I tend to make them a lot.)
  • Day 3 Supper: Root vegetable soup with diced roast meat.

Best reviews on mom's roast beef quesadillas!

5 meals from one large roast! You can’t beat that for cost saving, and not too repetitive if you ask me. You can always dice up the cooked meat and throw it in the freezer to have on hand for making a quick meal on another day.

Happy cooking!


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