Welcome to Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd

The meat, sold by Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd, is raised on our two family farms:
Vale Farms and Grassy Gnome Acres

Vale Farms produces 100% grass-fed, certified organic Beef.   Grassy Gnome Acres produces 100% grass-fed, certified organic Lamb, pasture raised certified organic Turkey and Pork.  Our farms are adjacent to one another and located near Lumby, about 20 min east of Vernon in beautiful British Columbia.

We strive to produce foods that you can confidently feed your family: wholesome products of the highest quality. Our meat products are produced the old fashioned way: outdoors, with feed that the animals were meant to eat (grass!) and no chemicals or hormones added, ever. The result is happy and healthy animals, and meat that has unbeatable flavour and texture. The health benefits of grass-fed meat will benefit your whole family! Find out what’s in grass-fed meat, and 10 reasons to eat organic!