Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd will no longer
be selling beef or other meats in the future.
The marketing crew is retiring and the next generation will be concentrating on our dairy.


Dear Customers,

We would like to inform all our customers, that we will be closing our marketing company by the end of January.

Charlotte and Trish, our marketing crew, are retiring and my son-in-law Don Hladych and my daughter Emily (the next generation) will be taking over the farm and will focus primarily on the dairy and taking care of our beautiful farm lands.

We have always felt very thankful and blessed to be taking care of such a diversity of environments, everything from swamps with peat moss to flat fertile fields, steep hills, gravel ridges, creeks and riparian areas.  Our land is as challenging to farm as it is beautiful and interesting with all it’s biodiversity and wildlife.

We will miss the beef cows immensely, since we have been raising beef for 45 years.

In an integrated sustainable farming system cows with their precious compost making ability are the centre piece for healthy chemical free soil building practices.  Thankfully, the dairy cows can also perform this task while enjoying our grasslands.

The future of the family farm, in general, is questionable at best and needs willing and informed farmers as well as educated and caring consumers in order to stay alive.

We thank all of you for supporting a system, which requires farmers to work very hard to cover each step from production to marketing, but also requires the customers to make the extra effort in hot or windy or cold weather to go to the market with complicated parking etc.. to buy our healthy products.

We had an amazing experience starting with zero customers trying to sell grass-fed, organic beef, which nobody had heard of in this area.  Then,after 20 years, we had the honour of serving a large customer base of many wonderful, informed and kind people, who became friends as well.

We will really miss you!!

If you are in our area and would like to visit the farm for a chat, a walk or a tour of the dairy barn, please feel free to call and set up a time.

All the Best for 2020.
With many thanks,
Vale Farms – Charlotte, Trish, Don and Emily

The meat, sold by Vale Farms Grassroots Ltd, is raised on our two family farms:
Vale Farms and Grassy Gnome Acres

Vale Farms produces 100% grass-fed, certified organic Beef.   Grassy Gnome Acres produces 100% grass-fed, certified organic Lamb, pasture raised certified organic Turkey and Pork.  Our farms are adjacent to one another and located near Lumby, about 20 min east of Vernon in beautiful British Columbia.

We strive to produce foods that you can confidently feed your family: wholesome products of the highest quality. Our meat products are produced the old fashioned way: outdoors, with feed that the animals were meant to eat (grass!) and no chemicals or hormones added, ever. The result is happy and healthy animals, and meat that has unbeatable flavour and texture. The health benefits of grass-fed meat will benefit your whole family! Find out what’s in grass-fed meat, and 10 reasons to eat organic!